My photograph is worth $Billions - I wish! #dedpxl01

I really enjoyed working on the first assignment during March. Its a new website launched by World Class and highly regarded Commercial and Editorial Photographer Zack Arias. The point of the assignments is to inspire photographers to get out and shoot better photographs.

Each month for the next year Zack is setting a new assignment with a different theme to help the eye see better photographs. The first assignment #dedpxl01 "lines" has just finished and the critique is on the dedpxl website. I got very excited when my photograph got critiqued.

Link below to view the full critique by Zack & Meg Arias. My picture shown below the video appears at 01:00hr - check out what Zack and Meg had to say...

A couple of quotes from my critique...

I love this picture... It feels like a painting... It’s just perfect... basically we love it
— Meg Arias 30th March 2014
Reminds me of the most expensive picture in the world, the Rhine, and this is a way better picture, this is worth Billions of Dollars... It’s beautiful, it’s really nicely seen, I love the colour palette, I love the softness of it, I love the repetitive shape of those benches, I love how simple it is, I love the the negative space of the sky, I’d hang it on the wall
— Zack Arias 30th March 2014
© Duncan McCall Photography 2014

© Duncan McCall Photography 2014

Well to say I was happy with that critique is a major understatement! I was delighted, over the moon, excited and I almost choked on my cup of tea! The bit when Zack compares it to the most expensive photograph ever sold, but BETTER was a moment I'll never forget, and of course I totally agree with him... :) 

Incase you haven't seen the Rhine photograph by Andreas Gursky heres a link to view it.

It sold for a cool $4.3m (£2.7m) at a Christie's auction in New York, in 2011

Well so far Christie's haven't called, Im still waiting for the phone to ring....

But when they do (ever the optimist!) I will have the print framed and ready for auction! Only 2 prints have been made of my photograph "The View" so far. The one on our wall and the one I just ordered and sent to Zack and Meg as a thank you for all the time and effort they have put into the dedpxl assignments. After all they both said they would hang it on the wall.

Im really excited about these projects and I've just started the next assignment "Shapes" and already loving the challenge. Looking forward to seeing what we all produce this month... TBC

See the next assignment brief here... #dedpxl02

The View by Duncan McCall

The View by Duncan McCall

Will this become the most expensive photograph ever sold....